LOGO.3 formwork 340cm

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Large-size system for residential and commercial buildings, industrial construction, civil engineering, reservoir construction in high concrete quality

• Small number of ties (0.62 ties/m²)
• Quick panel connection with wedge clamps (only 1.8kg in weight)
• Profiled flat steel frame for guaranteed sturdiness and long product life span
• Quick accessory fastening on multi-functional cross profiles
• Vertical or horizontal deployment for all panels
• Multi-purpose panel for corners, columns, stop ends
• Well-balanced panel selection
Panel widths 340/240/135/90/75/60/55/50/45/40/30/25/20 cm
Panel heights 340/305/270/240/135/90/75 cm
Frame depth 12 cm
Plywood 16mm thick, 12-ply Finnish birch plywood
Max. concrete pressure 70kN/m² according DIN 18218
Tolerances of deflection According DIN 18202, table 3, line 6
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