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LOGO.pro - The innovative formwork solution with one-sided formwork anchor system

The tie points for the one-sided tie rod equipment can be operated by just one person - this guarantees optimised working even with less manpower requirements and in confined spaces. The new system has the particular advantage of being able to be anchored either on one side or conventionally, depending on requirements.

Economical formwork thanks to standard tension material

PASCHAL relies on standard tension material for the one-sided formwork tie rod. In comparison with other solutions on the market no special tie rods are required. The costs for the tension material are considerably more favourable than other available systems. Moreover, time-consuming staking of the anchor bars is not required thanks to the use of standard tension material. The required tubes can be freely chosen and can consist of plastic material or fibre cement depending on requirements.

Optimised working thanks to compatibility with PASCHAL standard formwork

The one-sided formwork tie rod system is compatible with PASCHAL LOGO.3 as well as LOGO.alu and has the same frame profile as these formwork systems. The LOGO wedge clamp and multiclamp are used as connecting pieces. The accessories for the LOGO.3 can also be combined with the new system.

All benefits of LOGO.pro wall formwork at a glance:

  • One-sided formwork anchor system - optimised working with less manpower requirements even in confined spaces
  • Time and cost savings - due to operating by just one person
  • Economical formwork - thanks to the use of standard tension material
  • Universal anchor system - can be anchored either on one side or conventionally depending on requirements
  • System compatibility - LOGO.pro is compatible with formwork elements and accessories of LOGO.3 and LOGO.alu

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