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Slab formwork from PASCHAL

With us, you will find flexible slab formwork systems for concrete slabs in residential and industrial construction. We offer a total of three versatile, efficient systems: PASCHAL Deck, e-deck and PASCHAL Slab edge formwork.

  • Optimised, versatile formwork with PASCHAL Deck
    The flexible slab formwork is ideally suited for concrete slabs in residential and industrial construction due to the optimal adaptation to any floor plan, the possibility of using any slab thicknesses and the lightweight individual parts. With only three main components, the formwork system also impresses with optimised material deployment.

  • e-deck - the lightweight slab formwork
    With its robust but lightweight steel frame, the e-deck can be used anywhere a crane cannot reach. All of our e-deck formwork is compatible with our Modular universal formwork. That means that connections and transitions between wall and concrete slab or beams can be created without difficulty.

  • Slab edge formwork from PASCHAL
    Our slab edge formwork is made up of three components: bracket, hook headed bolt connection and stop. In addition to slab edges, with and without overhangs, the slab edge formwork (bracket) can also be used for forming floor slabs.

The right offer for every demand

From our Special offer store you can purchase new or used slab formwork systems and slab formwork and at the same time take advantage of our current special offers. The PASCHAL Special offer store contains PASCHAL products at reduced prices from product categories K1 (Premium formwork), K2 (Standard used formwork), K3 (formwork in need of renovation).

Do you only need the formwork for a short while and want to rent it? Please contact us! We will be glad to prepare an individual quotation for you with fair prices, or we can advise you on the basis of our considerable technical expertise.

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