Column formwork

Buying new or used column formwork from PASCHAL

With column formwork from PASCHAL, you can create rectangular, square, circular or oval steel-reinforced concrete columns and pillars quickly and accurately.

Angular column formwork:

Circular & oval column formwork:

  • PASCHAL circular column formwork for round and oval columns comprises two identical half-shell sections. These robust steel half-shells can be reused a remarkable number of times, making PASCHAL circular column formwork a particularly cost-effective formwork system. With connecting elements to the PASCHAL Modular/GE formwork, semi-circular stop ends can also be constructed very simply.

The right accessories for your formwork

In our Webshop you will find all the right accessories for PASCHAL GRIP, Modular and Circular column formwork. You can also purchase accessories for all other PASCHAL formwork systems here online and cost-efficiently.

Which column formwork and PASCHAL products best suit my project?

Do you need advice with your purchase? We will be glad to help you find the perfect formwork solution for your project. We can also assist you with enquiries about the renting formwork.

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