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PASCHAL Modular formwork: versatile and flexible

PASCHAL modular formwork is the tried and tested universal formwork for systematic formwork according to the modular principle. Due to the flexible variety of methods of use, Modular formwork is suitable for foundations, walls, columns, beams, shafts as well as gardening and landscaping work and the production of prefabricated components.

PASCHAL modular has been designed as a handset and large-size formwork. PASCHAL Modular formwork is known for its extreme durability due to the robust flat steel frame, just as is the case with the LOGO.3 formwork. A real all-rounder, PASCHAL Modular formwork is compatible with all PASCHAL systems. 

The Modular keybolts are used as a universal connecting piece for all panels and accessories

Technical information PASCHAL Modular

Panel widths: 

PASCHAL Modular: 100/75/60/50/45/43/40/37/33/30/25/24/20/15/12/10/6/5 cm
PASCHAL large-size panel GE: 200/150 cm 

Panel heights:

PASCHAL Modular: 150/125/100/75/62.5 cm
PASCHAL large-size panel GE: 275/250/150/125 cm 

Construction height of formwork: 

PASCHAL Modular: 7.5 cm
PASCHAL large-size panel GE: 19.5 cm (7.5 cm frame + 12 cm girder) 

Plywood:  15 mm Finnish birch plywood, 11 layers 
Max. fresh concrete pressure:

PASCHAL Modular: 35 kN/m² as per DIN 18218 
PASCHAL large-size panel GE: 60 kN/m² as per DIN 18218

Tolerances of deflection:

PASCHAL Modular: Table 3, line 6, DIN 18202
PASCHAL large-size panel GE: Table 3, line 7, DIN 18202 

Buy used PASCHAL Modular formwork in our special offer store!

In the PASCHAL Special offer store, you can buy used PASCHAL Modular formwork at low prices. You can also find interesting offers on other PASCHAL wall formwork. Our materials are offered in three product categories: Premium formwork (K1), standard used formwork (K2) or formwork in need of renovation.

Buying and renting wall formwork

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Hint: You can find all accessories for the PASCHAL Modular formwork here.

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