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High-quality original PASCHAL formwork panels made from birch plywood

Our PASCHAL plywood sheets are made of multi-layers Nordic birch plywood and impress due to their high quality with a considerably higher service life than cheaper plywood panels.

You will receive the replacement custom-made plywood sheets fully milled and with edge sealing to prevent any swelling.
Hint: If you do not want to mount the plywood yourself, then you can also have it mounted directly into your formwork panels by PASCHAL.

Parting compound for the production of challenging concrete and exposed concrete surfaces

The use of parting compounds ensures clean dismantling from concrete surfaces without causing any damage to sensitive points. Furthermore, parting compound also protects the formwork against damage and poor weather.

Our P2000 parting compound is made from pure vegetable oils and is therefore readily biodegradable.

PASCHAL accessories for the entire formwork process

You will find everything you need for the formwork process under Accessories. PASCHAL - your reliable partner from forming to dismantling.

Do you have any questions or do you require additional or more detailed information? Please get in touch!

Email kundenservice@paschal.com
Phone +49 (0) 78 32 / 71-0