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NeoR column formwork

The NeoR multi-purpose panels offer maximum variability in manufacturing concrete columns. Square and rectangular column cross-sections with an adjustment range from 20 cm to 50 cm and 5 cm gradation can be formed with four multi-purpose panels at a time. Additional perforated strips are available in the NeoR multi-purpose panels, which allow a secure and quick connection with the NeoR locking screw DW12.5x160.

The NeoR multi-purpose panels can be stacked to adjust the height of the formwork to the required concreting height. The horizontal connection at the panel joints is made with the keybolt. In this way, column formwork with different dimensions can be erected in the shortest possible time with just a few lightweight panels. 

Work safety is ensured

The necessary safety at work is ensured by the Grip tread, which can be used as a working platform for the column form in combination with the Grip attachment. Supports, platform bracket clamps or crane attachments can also be attached directly to the panels.

Overview of all the benefits of our NeoR column formwork:

  • Formwork without the need for a crane - lightweight multi-purpose panel (27 kg or 42.2 kg) can also be moved without the use of a crane
  • Maximum variability - thanks to locking screws connections in a 5-cm modular pattern
  • Production of optimal concrete edges - with a sealing tape for sharp-edged corners or a chamfer angle for broken edges on the panel joint
  • Attachment options for accessories - supports, platform brackets or crane mountings can be easily attached to the panels

Together with PASCHAL for successful formwork projects

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