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PASCHAL TTS trapezoidal girder formwork with steel facing

Our circular steel formwork with steel facing provides an alternative to the trapezoidal girder formwork with wooden facing. With the steel variants, the facing is screwed from the girder side into an integrated bar on the metal sheet - for a smooth concrete surface with no screw imprints.

As is the case with our other two circular formwork systems, the TTS steel formwork is used in the construction of sewage treatment plants, container construction, amusement parks, towers, stairwell cores, garage entrances and in garden and landscape construction.

Overview of all the benefits of our TTS circular steel formwork:

  • For exposed concrete - perfect concrete quality as there are no imprints in the concrete
  • Variable radius - continuously variable for diameters from 5 meters to infinite
  • Perfectly circular and accurate dimensions
  • Top forming times - thanks to the well-balanced range of panels and the low number of tie points
  • Can be used immediately - our system is delivered to your construction site rounded and assembled
  • Integrated crane mounting with high capacity
  • Reliable fresh concrete pressure of 80 kN/m²

Support from formwork experts

Do you have any questions about PASCHAL TTS trapezoidal girder formwork or do you need more detailed information? Our experienced experts are very happy to provide advice and support to help you find the right formwork solution for your project.

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