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KBK 180 climbing platform

The folding KBK climbing platform is delivered to the construction site completely assembled - just set up the guard railing post, fold the brackets downwards and the KBK 180 is ready to use.

Our KBK 180 is suitable for a very wide range of areas of application:

  • As a climbing platform with up to 4.50-m high erected formwork
  • As work scaffolding for concreting and masonry work
  • As a protection and safety scaffold

Overview of all the benefits of the PASCHAL KBK 180 climbing platform:

  • Universal use - the climbing platform can be used with all PASCHAL formwork systems
  • Low transportation volume - saves space thanks to the folding function
  • Various areas of application - our all-round climbing platform can be used as a working scaffold, protection scaffold or safety scaffold

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