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Purchasing efficient, high-quality PASCHAL wall formwork

In our Webshop you can buy high-quality formwork at low cost. You have access to our entire range of formwork systems and you can rapidly select the products you need for your building project. PASCHAL provides perfect formwork solutions for a wide range of applications:

  • Round walls: TTR/ TTK and TTS trapezoidal girder formwork systems
    Perfectly round, dimensionally precise results can be achieved with our infinitely adjustable TTR/TTK and TTS circular trapezoidal girder formwork; for use in sewage treatment plants, tank building, stairwells, garage entrances, garden design and landscaping, 'recreational swimming pools, towers and all circular walls. TTS circular trapezoidal girder formwork with steel facing is ideally suited for perfect fair faced concrete quality without screw impressions. Use TTK circular trapezoidal girder formwork with clamp connections for even faster forming times and continuously variable height adjustment of segments.
  • Smaller surface areas and complex shapes: Universal Modular/GE formwork
    The proven Modular/GE formwork guarantees systematic module-based forming, even for complex floorplans. The great benefits of Modular/GE formwork are its versatility and extremely long service life. It is also compatible with all PASCHAL systems of formwork.
  • Large surface areas: LOGO.3
    LOGO.3 wall formwork can be adapted to any floor layout by selecting the right elements. It can be used as a system for large surface areas in residential and business properties, in industrial and engineering construction work and in tank construction.
  • Work not involving a crane: LOGO.alu
    Wherever a crane is not available, the manually movable LOGO.alu with its lightweight but heavy duty aluminium frame, offers the perfect solution.
  • One-sided anchor system: LOGO.pro
    The LOGO.pro wall formworkLOGO.pro is ideal for working even with less manpower requirements and in confined spaces.

Efficient and safe

Our formwork can be combined for use in many different ways, and the range of dimensions available for selection offers the highest possible degree of flexibility for completing your construction projects. Your safety has always been our most important consideration in the development of our formwork systems. All of the products in our Webshop therefore comply with the very latest safety standards - with our formwork for concrete walls, you can get the job done safely, efficiently and at fair prices.

Quality that really does pay

When you purchase PASCHAL wall formwork, you benefit from the long service life and robustness of our products. The use of flat steel frames makes our formwork elements particularly resistant to mechanical damage, and so guarantee you an optimum price-performance ratio.

Buying used or new wall formwork in our Special Offer Store

Pay a visit to our Special offer store and take advantage of our current special offers. Through the PASCHAL Special offer store, you can purchase used or new formwork directly from the manufacturer.

Do you only need formwork for a short period, and would you like to rent wall formwork at fair prices? No problem. We will be delighted to prepare individual quotation for you.

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