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Multi clamp LOGO 0-10cm

Product number: N187.500.0004
Weight: 5.3 kg

LOGO multi clamp 0-10 cm

The multi clamp is used as a connecting piece for our formwork systems LOGO.3, LOGO.alu, LOGO.S and LOGO.pro.

Whenever timber or plastic filler pieces are used between LOGO panels, a connecting piece that connects these parts is required: the multi clamp. This enables casting with centimetre-level precision and also guarantees a tight, flush and aligned connection.

  • Consisting of a multi clamp and wedge
  • Ergonomic working
  • Infinitely adjustable between 0 and 10 cm
  • Robust and long-lasting
  • Rapid assembly and dismantling
  • Low weight of just 5.3 kg

Application information

The multi clamp can retain plastic or timber filler pieces between two LOGO panels up to a total width of 10 cm. The multi clamp is normally secured via the hat profile, to this end the jaw parts engage above and below the hat profile in the solid flat steel frame of the LOGO formwork.

For assembly, the wedge of the multi clamp is pushed upwards and positioned so that the jaw parts engage in the longitudinal grooves of the frame profile. The jaws can then be pushed to the frame. Once the jaws are against the frame, it turns automatically until the wedge is in contact with the teeth. The wedge can now be easily hammered downwards. A perfect tightness is guaranteed thanks to the reliable fit.

By attaching the multi clamp to the hat profile, the formwork is not only perfectly aligned but also secured unshakeably in place.

For details on the specific applications, numbers and arrangements of the LOGO multi clamps, please refer to the relevant technical information.

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