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Wooden girder H20 3.30m

Product number: N940.030.0330
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H20 3.30 m wooden girder

The H20 3.30 m wooden girder can be used as both a yoke beam or a cross beam with the formwork for slabs or beams. PASCHAL offers the wooden girders in eight different lengths from 1.80 m to 6.00 m.

An overview of the advantages of the PASCHAL H20 wooden girder:

  • Flexibly adaptable to fit any floorplan
  • Low material price
  • Long service life
  • Light weight of components
  • Optimised use of materials
  • High-quality two-component bonding
  • Save covers protect the ends of the H20 girder
  • Manufactured according to the DIN EN 13377 standard
  • High admissible capacity
  • The highest safety standards combined with the Secuset lateral protection system

Application Information

The H20 3.30 m wooden girder is used with formwork for slabs and beams.

The system structure of the wooden girder is almost always identical. The cross beam supports the plywood/formwork panels and transmits the occurring forces into the yoke beams. The yoke beams combine the loads from several cross beams and transmit these forces into the support. The same PASCHAL H20 girders are used for yoke beams and cross beams.
Support is provided via PASCHAL slab props or the GASS or TG 60 shoring systems.

The H20 wooden girder impresses with its long service life and functionality

The design of the wooden girder is simple and, at the same time, intelligent. It consists of a bar with an upper and lower flange and permanent two component bonding.

The name of the H20 girder is based on the H-shaped design (plan view) and the height of 20 cm.

All PASCHAL H20 girders are protected at the ends by Protect covers made from low-wear plastic, these protect the girders from chipping and ensure a long service life.

Building with PASCHAL slab props

Supporting slab formworks with H20 girders, slab props and fork heads is impressive due to the high level of flexibility and the options for adjustment to different room sizes and geometries.

After the slab props have been placed with fork heads, the PASCHAL H20 wooden girders can be inserted simply into the corresponding fork heads using a forked assembly tool. Due to the wooden girders overlapping (a minimum of 30 cm), all of the lengths required can be achieved without any sawing, it is therefore not important if the girder is used as a yoke beam or a cross beam.

Comprehensive occupational safety

Thanks to its ease of use, the lateral protection system Secuset can be installed safely and efficiently on the H20 wooden girder. To do this, the clamp lateral protection is secured to the cross beam and then equipped with toe board holders and posts. The lateral protection fence provides cost-effective and secure protection at the slab edge.

Length: 3,30 m
Weight: 15,2 kg
Max. bending moment: 5,0 kNm
Max. shear force: 11,0 kN
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