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Product number: N780.002.1002
1.313,00 €

Lattice box pallets and loading aids - 1 package

The lattice box pallets and loading aid packages include a small lattice box pallet with a height of 46 cm, a new stacking pallet in size 120 x 80 cm, two matching lids for lattice box pallets or transportation boxes and an additional lattice box pallet with a height of 93 cm. The perfect way to keep everything neat and tidy on every construction site.

1 package consisting of:

Art.-No. Description Pcs.
N940.009.0017 Lattice box pallet PASCHAL 120x81x93cm 1
N940.009.0018 Lattice box pallet small PASCHAL 120x81x46cm 1
N940.009.0019 Cover lattice box/transp. 1100x680x35mm 2
N189.002.0022 Stacking pallet 120x80cm - NEW 1

Your benefits:

  • Quick, tidy and safe logistics
  • Easy to transport with a crane or forklift truck
  • Low storage space requirements
  • Compatible with each other and stackable
  • Admissible capacity
    of 1,500 kg
  • Savings of more than €300
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