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Transportation box hot-dip galvanized

Product number: N189.002.0003

Transportation box

The PASCHAL transportation box is perfect for transporting our accessories such as wedge clamps, multi clamps, locking screws, plates with ball-and-socket joint and much more and also ensures orderly storage and simple transportation.

  • Solid metal design with feet and crane lifting eyes
  • Easy transportation using a crane or forklift
  • Stacking of several boxes possible Can be combined with a lid
  • Extremely robust thanks to hot-dip galvanisation
  • Type plate
  • Accessories can be organised in the various compartments
  • Admissible capacity of 1,500 kg
  • Outside diameters: 120 x 80 cm

Information on use

The robust, hot-dip galvanised transportation box from PASCHAL is used for transporting and storing accessories. The four integrated compartments ensure well-organised storage. In addition to the three smaller, identical compartments, the box also has a larger compartment measuring 1.2 m in length. This enables even larger items such as tie rods and UNI carbide scraper to be stowed away.

It is important that the parts are stored centrally and prevented from slipping or tilting.

The transportation box can also be combined with a matching GiBO/TB lid which protects the contents from the elements and prevents parts from falling out during transportation.

The German Statutory Accident Insurance Association (DGUV) rule 108-007 must be observed.

Simple transportation options

The intelligent design of the transportation box and the integrated crane lifting eyes mean the box can be moved on site using a crane. Moreover, the box is perfect for transportation with a pallet truck or forklift

Compact as can be stacked

The footprint and the stacking plate of the transportation box allow several boxes to be stacked on top of each other – thus reducing the space required and ensuring clarity.

Further information can be found in the original operating instructions. 

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