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MOVA-fix parting compound 20 l canister

Product number: N189.003.0100
Packaging unit: 20 liter
2,00 €/liter
Weight: 18.5 kg

PASCHAL parting compound MOVA-fix 20 litre canister

The PASCHAL parting compound MOVA-fix is consisting of renewable raw materials and can be used for all formwork systems. It is a solvent-free concrete parting compound emulsion.

  • 20 litre canister
  • Ready-to-use parting compound
  • Solvent-free
  • Economical consumption
  • Easier separation of the formwork from the concrete
  • Water hazard class: WGK 1
  • Suitable for all absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces

Application information

The PASCHAL parting compound MOVA-fix makes it easy to remove the formwork from the concrete during dismantling. To do this, the parting compound is applied thinly and evenly to the clean, dry formwork before concreting using a flat jet nozzle and then worked over with the rubber lip. When using the formwork for the very first time, it must be sprayed with parting compound on all sides. After dismantling, the plywood and end faces of the formwork must be cleaned and then sprayed with the parting compound.

Area of application

Ready-to-use emulsion for general use in in-situ concrete and tunnelling without special requirements. MOVA-fix can be used on absorbent and non-absorbent wooden formwork, steel and mould formwork.


MOVA-fix is a physically/chemically acting parting compound emulsion based on plant-based raw materials. Over-oiling of the formwork with normal application quantities is avoided by using MOVA-fix. If applied correctly, the adhesion of subsequent coatings (e.g. plasters, paints) is not impaired. Foams such as polystyrene and the same are not affected by normal application methods.

Storage conditions

MOVA-fix must be stored protected from frost below - 5°C and direct sunlight and can be stored for at least 9 months in unopened original containers. If stored for more than 2 months, it should be stirred before use. Long-term storage at temperatures above 40 °C should be avoided.

Occupational safety/environmental behaviour

No disadvantages are known if used properly. When handling the product, the general regulations for occupational safety and hygiene must be observed. Immediately remove any clothing contaminated with the product. Wash contaminated areas with soap and water. The product is an emulsion based on plant-based oils that is free from mineral oils and solvents.

Longer service life

Well-maintained formwork treated with parting compound lasts longer and guarantees the quality requirements of the concrete components to be produced. This not only extends the service life of the plywood, but also that of the entire formwork - because the parting compound also serves as corrosion protection.

Accessories for the parting compound

A parting compound pistol is required to apply the parting compound to the formwork. PASCHAL offers these in 5 litre or 10 litre versions. However, conventional syringes can also be used.

Use of parting compounds

Concrete parting compounds are auxiliary building materials that act on the important interface between the formwork skin and fresh concrete during the production process. It is therefore immediately obvious that the selection of the right parting compound is of great importance for the quality of the concrete surface.

For further system benefits, please refer to the technical information or to the safety data sheet.

Raw material base oil in water emulsion
Colour and delivery form white milky liquid
Density (at 20 °C) 0,98 g/cm³
Processing temperature from -5° C , preferably 40°C +- 5°C
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