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LOGO wedge clamp (curved)

Product number: N187.500.0100
Weight: 1.8 kg

LOGO wedge clamp with curved wedge

The PASCHAL LOGO wedge clamp is used as a connecting piece for our formwork systems LOGO.3, LOGO.alu, LOGO.S and LOGO.pro. It ensures tight, flush and aligned joint connections for formwork panels.

  • Consisting of clamping jaws and curved wedge
  • Low weight of just 1.8 kg
  • Rapid assembly and dismantling with a single hammer blow
  • Can be operated from behind
  • No wedge projecting downwards
  • Robust, hard-wearing and long-lasting
  • Unique among panel connectors
  • Permissible tensile force of 7.00 kN
  • Horizontal and vertical panels can be easily connected together
  • Solid steel-with-steel connection

Application information

The LOGO wedge clamp with curved wedge is positioned directly above or below the hat profiles. It engages in the groove of the frame profile in order to join the panels together. When the curved wedge of the wedge clamp is hit, the two clamping jaws which are positioned on bolts are moved against each other. A particular feature of this panel connector is the curved wedge which allows the clamp to be hit from the front both when opening and closing whenever there is sufficient space.

Perfect connections

Solid steel is pushed together as a result of the shape of the LOGO wedge clamp and LOGO frame profile. The damage and crushing as seen with hollow profile frames and their connections is avoided.

In conjunction with the profiled frame profile of the LOGO framework, a tight, flush and aligned connection between the formwork panels is created via the wedge clamp.

LOGO wedge clamp makes height extension simple

Height extension is easy with the LOGO wedge clamp with curved wedge, for example a horizontal or vertical panel can be connected to a 2.70 m high formwork panel using the corresponding number of wedge clamps.

Optimised opening and closing - even in cramped conditions

The upper clamp can be attached on the ground thanks to simple and rapid assembly as the wedge clamp is struck into place from the front and no wedge is required from above. This results in quicker formwork times and safer working on the ground.

The lower clamp can be attached directly above the ground. The wedge clamp can still be opened easily in this position without the otherwise standard vertical wedge.

For details on the specific applications, numbers and arrangements of the LOGO wedge clamps, please refer to the relevant technical information.

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