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Dismantling aid NeoR

The Dismantling aid NeoR is an accessory of the NeoR lightweight formwork and enables easy removal of an individual panel from a panel assembly.

  • Weight of only 4.3 kg
  • Easy stripping in confined spaces
  • Simple and easy assembly
  • Efficient and fast dismantling without dismantling play

Application information

With the Dismantling aid NeoR, individual NeoR panels from a panel width of 30 cm can be removed from the panel bond in record time. The following four assembly steps make the process easier:

  1. unscrew the spindle of the NeoR stripping aid.
  2. place the stripping aid on the cross profile and press outwards until the bolts of the base body engage in the cross profile and the frame.
  3. tension both spindles of the left and right stripping aid to prevent them from falling out.
  4. turn the spindles on both stripping aids evenly to release the panel.

Please refer to the technical product information for further information.

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