LOGO.3 / alu

PASCHAL LOGO.3 effective, flexible, light and stable

PASCHAL LOGO.3 wall formwork is an effective and robust large-size system. It can be adapted to any floor plan with its well-balanced range of panels. From the 2.40 metre wide large-size panels to the small plastic filler pieces, any formwork task in the system can be completed using the PASCHAL LOGO.3, with no need for expensive on-site solutions. Expensive on-site solutions can therefore be reduced to a minimum. LOGO.3 can be used in residential and business buildings as well as in industrial and engineering construction.

Durable and robust

The profiled flat steel frame makes LOGO.3 to a particularly robust and durable formwork. The solid profile shape is the guarantee of extremely high resistance to mechanical stress. You can work extremely efficiently with LOGO.3 formwork due to the rapid mounting of accessories to the multi-functional cross-sections.

Working without a crane with LOGO alu

LOGO alu can be moved by hand and is therefore ideal for any construction site without a crane. All LOGO alu panels are compatible with LOGO.3.

The advantages of LOGO.3

  • Few tie points due to large-size panels
  • Fast panel connection with wedge clamps
  • Profiled flat steel frame makes LOGO.3 particularly robust
  • Accessory parts can be mounted quickly and securely to the multi-functional cross-sections
  • All panels can be used either vertically or horizontally
  • Multi-panels for corners, columns or end stop-ends
  • Well-balanced range of panels

Buy new or used LOGO.3 formwork

You can buy new and used LOGO.3 wall formwork in our webshop. Visit our special offer store to find the best offers for new and used LOGO.3 formwork.

Take advantage of our experience!

We would be happy to advise you about our products and to help you to find the appropriate formwork solution for your construction project. Contact us!

Buy appropriate accessories quickly and easily

You can find all accessory parts that you require for your PASCHAL formwork in our Accessories section.

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