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LOGO.3 plastic filler piece 6 x 340 cm

The PASCHAL LOGO.3 filler piece 6 x 340 cm is a plastic filler piece of the LOGO.3 formwork range.

Measuring 6 x 340 cm, together with the plastic filler piece 5 x 340 cm, it constitutes the plastic filler pieces with tie hole and spring for the formwork height 3.40 m. Our plastic filler pieces are made of recycled material and are therefore kind to the environment. Thanks to the plastic filler pieces laborious length adjustments are not necessary on the construction site.

  • Made of polyethylene (recycled material)
  • Saves both time and material for rapid forming times
  • Durable and dimensionally stable
  • Smooth surface
  • Flush-mounted thanks to stop spring
  • Barely visible in concrete due to the surface finish which is similar to plywood
  • Available in all formwork heights
  • Integrated tie rod openings
  • Secured using standard connecting pieces
  • The plastic filler pieces can also be screwed in as an alternative
  • Fully compatible with all common formwork systems on the market

Application information

The PASCHAL LOGO.3 plastic filler piece 6 x 340 cm enables systematic formwork assembly with centimetre-level precision. With the plastic filler piece you can expand your formwork to any dimensions, this not only saves materials but also time, resulting in very good forming times.

Our LOGO.3 plastic filler piece is available in all formwork heights and is compatible with all common formwork systems.

Durable and simple application

The plastic filler piece is extremely durable and dimensionally stable which means it can be used time and time again. With its smooth surface it is very easy to clean. The surface finish of the plastic filler piece is similar to that of a film-coated plywood panel which means that imprints in the concrete are avoided.

No walers or other on-site accessories for fastening are required when using the filler piece.

Simple fastening with standard connecting pieces

The plastic filler piece can be fastened onto the element with our standard connecting pieces, for example by using the multi clamp. Moreover, several plastic filler pieces can be screwed together to fill larger gaps.

The LOGO.3 plastic filler piece 6 x 340 cm has an integrated tie hole for the tie rod to enable simple connection to the element. Thanks to the spring on the filler piece, it is positioned perfectly and sits flush with the element.

Please refer to the technical information for further system benefits.

Width: 6 cm
Height: 340 cm
Weight: 23,2 kg
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