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LOGO panel 90 x 270 cm with 8 tie points

The LOGO.3 panel 90 x 270 cm with 8 tie points is a formwork panel for a formwork height of 2.70 m in the PASCHAL LOGO.3 formwork range.

Measuring 90 x 270 cm, this is one of the widest compensation panels for a formwork height of 2.70 m, along with the multi-purpose panel and the formwork panel 270 x 90 cm. It is the basic element for a formwork height of 0.90 m and is therefore ideal as wall and foundation formwork. In addition to the extremely strong, profiled flat steel frame, the panel comprises a birch plywood sheet which is supported by seven multifunctional cross hat profiles.

    • Made of profiled, very strong flat steel
    • 16 mm Finnish birch plywood, 12 ply
    • Fresh concrete pressure absorption of 70 kN/m² compliant with DIN 18218
    • Compatible with Modular formwork thanks to the combi clamp
    • Save on tie points by appropriate arranging the compensation panels in the ground plan
    • Positioning options for the tie rod
    • Safe and rapid connection with the wedge clamp
    • Compliance with maximum safety standards thanks to the lateral protection system Secuset
    • LOGO.3 is also available in your corporate colours
    • Transponders for clear identification
    • Vertical and horizontal use for formwork heights of 90 cm and 270 cm

Application information

The PASCHAL LOGO.3 panel 90 x 270 cm with 8 tie points can be used anywhere, whether for large-scale forming or for concreting a small but complicated ground plan. Only very few connecting pieces are required for large wall areas, resulting in outstanding forming times.

The targeted use of compensation panels can save on tie points. Given the very narrow frame imprint in the concrete, the stringent requirements for concrete surfaces can also be easily satisfied. Thanks to the four external and four internal holes for ties, the LOGO.3 panel 90 x 270 cm with 8 tie holes can be used for a wide range of applications: For foundation formwork, beams, parapets, height extensions, small walls units and much more. Used vertically, clamping is on the outer side at the panel joint, used horizontally, the necessary bottom tie point inside the panel can be selected.

LOGO.3 satisfies customer requirements

To increase your recognition value, the PASCHAL LOGO.3 formwork can be produced in your corporate colours on request. In addition, thanks to the PASCHAL ident technology, our transponders uniquely identify each LOGO.3 panel. Each panel thus equipped is given an electronic number which, in turn, guarantees clear and unambiguous identification.

Please refer to the technical information for further system benefits.

Panel width: 270 cm
Panel height: 90 cm
Frame depth: 12 cm 
Weight: 101,5 kg
Plywood:  16 mm thick, 12-ply Finnish birch plywood
Max. concrete pressure: 70 kN/m² according DIN 18218 
Tolerances of deflection: According DIN 18202, table 3, line 6
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