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NeoR panel 90 x 150 cm

The NeoR panel 90 x 150 cm is a compensation panel for the NeoR Lightweight formwork from PASCHAL.

In addition to the extremely strong flat steel frame, the panel comprises a birch plywood sheet which is supported by four multifunctional top hat profiles.

  • Made of extremely strong flat steel
  • 12 mm Finnish birch plywood, 9 ply
  • Fresh concrete pressure absorption of 50 kN/m² compliant with DIN 18218
  • Low weight of only 41.3 kg
  • Integrated handles for easy implementation and assembly
  • Perfect concrete finish - ideal for exposed concrete surfaces
  • Small storage and transport volumes thanks to the low overall height of only 7.5 cm
  • Safe and rapid connection with the keybolt
  • Compliance with maximum safety standards thanks to the lateral protection system Secuset
  • Can be used horizontally and vertically
  • Transponders for clear identification
  • Compatibility with all PASCHAL wall formwork systems

Application information

The PASCHAL NeoR panel 90 x 150 cm can be used anywhere, regardless of whether for large-scale forming or for concreting a small but complicated ground plan. Only very few connecting pieces are required for large wall areas, resulting in outstanding formwork times.

With the foundation tie clamp L/N, the NeoR panel 90 x 150 cm can be used horizontally for foundation and base plate forming.

The external tie points of the NeoR panel 15 x 150 cm enable many different applications and combinations. Thanks to the additional internal tie points, the panel can also be anchored when being connected to existing building parts or when used horizontally.

Clamping is generally done on the left or right at the panel joint. The top tie point can be replaced by a spacer strap – this reduces the tie points and leads to a perfect concrete finish.

Compatibility with all PASCHAL formwork systems

The NeoR panel can be combined with all other PASCHAL systems using the system-oriented connecting pieces or the combi-clamp.

Universal fields of application

With its low weight, the NeoR lightweight formwork is perfect for use as manual formwork and can also be used as large-area formwork. Thanks to the well-rounded range of panels, many different concrete components can be formed – whether foundations, walls, columns, props, or beams.

Safe and effective working on site

Thanks to the easy handling, the lateral protection system Secuset can be installed effectively and securely on the NeoR lightweight formwork, and thus meets the current occupational safety standards with regard to lateral protection.

Every NeoR panel is distinctive through our integrated transponders – because of the PASCHAL Ident technology. Each panel fitted in this way is given an electronic number which, in turn, guarantees clear and unambiguous identification.

Please refer to the technical information for further system benefits.

Panel width: 90 cm
Panel height: 150 cm
Frame depth: 7,5 cm 
Weight: 41,3 kg
Plywood:  12 mm thick, 9-ply Finnish birch plywood
Max. concrete pressure: 50 kN/m² according DIN 18218 
Tolerances of deflection: According DIN 18202, table 3, line 6
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