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Product number: N189.001.0100
Packaging unit: 100 piece
3,10 €/piece
Weight: 19 kg


The PASCHAL keybolt is used as a connecting piece for our formwork systems Modular formwork/GE, NeoR and Trapezoidal Girder Formwork for tight, flush and aligned joint connections.

The keybolt is also used as a connecting piece for individual formwork parts in numerous custom formwork solutions.

  • Comprises a bolt, disc spring and handle.
  • Weighing in at just 0.19 kg, it is a real lightweight among connecting pieces.
  • Tight panel joint
  • Both vertical and horizontal connections are possible
  • Is also often used as a connecting piece for accessories

Application information

Insert the keybolt into the holes in the panel frame provided for the connection and then rotate by 90°. The clamping force of the integrated disc spring provides a tight panel joint.

For details on the specific applications, numbers and arrangements of the keybolts for the various formwork systems, please refer to the relevant technical information.


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