Slab formwork

Slab formwork from PASCHAL

With us, you will find flexible slab formwork systems for slab in residential and industrial construction. We offer a total of three versatile, efficient systems: PASCHAL Deck, e-deck and PASCHAL Slab edge formwork.

Optimised, versatile formwork with PASCHAL Deck

PASCHAL Deck is a slab formwork with main and cross girder construction. It consists of three main components:

  • Slab props
  • H20 girders
  • Plywood panels

Flexible and perfectly adaptable: By overlapping the H20 girders, this system can be adapted to fit a wide range of different room sizes. Even for different slab thicknesses, PASCHAL Slab is the perfect answer - only the structurally essential components need to be installed.

The advantages of PASCHAL Deck

  • Optimised use of materials
  • Flexibly adaptable to fit any floorplan
  • Low price of materials
  • Light weight of components
  • Simple layout of slab formwork with similar assembly sequence
  • Can also be used to support partially prefabricated slabs

e-deck, the lightweight slab formwork

With its robust but lightweight steel frame, the e-deck can be used anywhere a crane cannot reach. All of our e-deck formwork is compatible with our Modular universal formwork. That means that connections and transitions between wall and slab or beams can be created without difficulty. Even small offsets can be realised with absolute stability using this system.

Slab edge formwork from PASCHAL

Slab edge formwork comprises a bracket which is fastened to the wall by means of an installation sleeve with a screw or a tie rod. The tie rod is then mounted on the bracket using a hook headed bolt connection. This stop can be moved along the bracket to any position from 0- 50 cm – depending upon whether the wall and slab edges must be flush or a cantilever is to be concreted in. Lateral protection fastened to the stop is provided for workplace safety reasons. Corresponding lateral protection boards and a shelf must be inserted in this lateral protection.

The brackets can also be used for forming floor slabs and free slab edges. The type of formwork involved here is freely selectable - formwork panels or wooden planks can be used.

The advantages of PASCHAL slab edge formwork

  • Quick, easy construction due to small number of parts
  • Adjustable to suit various formwork tasks
  • Integrated workplace safety
  • Universal applicability

Do you want to rent slab formwork?

Do you only need the formwork for a short while and want to rent it? Please contact us! We will be glad to prepare an individual quotation for you with fair prices, or we can advise you on the basis of our considerable technical expertise.

Purchasing slab formwork in used condition

From our Special offer store you can purchase new or used slab formwork systems and slab formwork and at the same time take advantage of our current special offers. The PASCHAL Special offer store contains PASCHAL products at reduced prices from product categories K1 (Premium formwork), K2 (Standard used formwork), K3 (formwork in need of renovation).

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