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GASS aluminium shoring system

With a permitted load-bearing capacity of up to 140 kN, GASS aluminium shoring leads the market in this field. Its high load-bearing capacity means that fewer legs and system components are needed. This in turn saves considerable time when erecting and dismantling the shoring system.

The individual components can be combined in a variety of ways, so GASS is immensely versatile. With a variable range of axial dimensions, the shoring can be adapted perfectly to any floorplan.

There are 4 framework sizes available:

  • GASS 120 cm ledger frames
  • GASS 180 cm ledger frames
  • GASS 240 cm ledger frames
  • GASS 300 cm ledger frames

Low weight despite the high load-bearing capacity

Weight is another convincing feature of GASS aluminium shoring systems: For example, the 240 cm ledger frame weighs just 12.9 kg. Despite its great strength, even the largest leg weighs just 22 kg. This makes installing and disassembling as well as transport of the shoring much simpler. During installation, a hook headed bolt creates a force-fit connection between the frame and the legs.

All benefits of our GASS shoring system at a glance:

  • Lightweight components - low weight thanks to the aluminium construction
  • High load-bearing capacity - the aluminium shoring system with the highest load-bearing capacity on the market at up to 140 kN per leg
  • Fewer materials used - fewer components are needed to due to the high admissible capacity
  • Can be combined flexibly - the well-thought-out product range and the ability to combine the individual panels allow for even the most difficult supports
  • Many possible applications - GASS can be used as a shoring system, slab table, stacking tower and individual column

Take advantage of our experience!

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