Circular column 300cm

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PASCHAL-Werk G. Maier GmbH
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Steel formwork for round and oval shaped columns

Leakage free panels joints due to overlapping formwork lining
Oval columns and rounded stopends by be using the Modular connection panel
Work platform for safe concreting
Many deployments, no disposal costs
No limits to concreting speed at small diameters
Panel heights 300/275/150/125/75 cm
Diameter 100/90/80/70/60/50/45/40/35/30/25 cm
Plywood 3 mm steel sheet
Max. concrete pressure 85 kN/m² according DIN 18218 (ø 100 cm)
335 kN/m² according DIN 18218 (ø 25 cm)
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